Beware of fake Catuaba



  • New packaging is STRONGER and more heaty
  • Recommended to start with 1/2 sachet first, see how it goes and increase if 1/2 is not strong enough or decrease to 1/3 if 1/2 is still too strong
  • Do drink more water too
  • Recommended: Once in 3 days or more (don’t take it everyday! Or else you may end up with headache, body ache, back pain or fever due to the heatiness, serious! 😀 )
  • Again, don’t take it everyday, it’s HEATY! If you encounter the side effects above, it’s too heaty for you. Decrease the amount.
  • Take Catuaba 2 hours before sexual activity
  • Tear the sachet and pour half sachet directly under your tongue
  • Leave it for 30 seconds ~ 1 minute, it should dissolve naturally
  • Then drink some water to clear the leftover

*** The remaining half sachet, you can keep it in a resealable packet. Easiest way to get one is from the packet that clinics dispense their medicine in. This is to prevent the powder from getting hard due to exposure to moisture.

How to order? Click here! (delivery in Malaysia & Singapore only)

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