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Thanks for the delivery. As you’ve said, tried it! Loved it!!! 😀
~ JW

It appears fuller now and the stamina I have now is unbelievable. My wife loves it too!
~ Michael

I was very skeptical, but did ended up getting it. I can’t recommend this enough. I feel like a man all over again. Thank you.
~ Anonymous

It worked good.
~ FP

Unbelievable!!!! I have tried it and I am not sure if doing “it” 3 times in 4 hours is normal, but it certainly worked for me. 🙂
~ Anonymous

Things working really good, however, when the order was received, things started working much better for both of us.
~ Adonis

Great products,it really work, gives a lot more energy for me!
~ Oliver

Recommended seller. Speedy transaction. Just wanted to try it after my friend mentioned catuaba last week. Then saw it here. Ordered 2 sachets. It really works!!! Taste like sugus Apple flavour. Hehe… Will order more from you bro. Thanks again! 😉
~ DK

Tried the product from catuabamalaysia..indeed it helps me a lot and did manage to satisfy me and my partner!!!! Performance is tip top and no absurd reaction after taking it…still the effects can last around 2 days…been continuously taking the product for almost 2 months, i feels the difference on my “part” as in it feels more meaty..!!
~ Michael

Yup, received it yesterday. Yes, I have used it and I must say, the results are fantastic. Thx Man. Cheers!
~ V

No words can describe this! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!
~ Sam

Got your item last Sat. Then last nite try it. it was superb in action… like im young again. Thanks bro for super item… hahahhaha!!
~ Abu

the powder is good… no need half pack… just 1/4 already strong enough…
~ W

This stuff is awesome…… One things for sure… Satisfied woman = happy woman. Happy woman will do anythings for her man. Will get more from u next time.
~ LD

Seller: First class! First time dealt with a seller who followed up on my order from start till end. Normally they will just post and forget about it..

Catuaba: Works as advertised.. My partner was happy but is EXTREMELY happy now and fully satisfied. Thanks bro! Will order more from you when my current stock is used up. Cheers!!!
~ F

I was curious about the product. After reading up a number of good reviews, I decided to give it a shot. And I wasn’t disappointed but in fact, was very impressed (I wasn’t the only one, my partner noticed the difference too). The seller’s after sales service is very commendable. Not only that he gave me a tracking number, he even kept me chronologically updated about the shipment until it reached my hands. I’ve done a lot of online purchasing but I’ve never come across such excellent ethics displayed by the seller. This person truly cares about his customers. As for me, I consider myself as one of his regular customers from now on.
~ ZA

Me and my wife thank you!
~ H

Great product. Works well. No side effects. One sachet was enough for 4 days!! Awesome stuff. Will buy again!
~ HD

After nearly two packets I have consumed, it really has been giving me a good response in terms of the erection of my penis. It has doubled the frequency of my cum and even after my first cum I still hold a very strong erection. On top of that, half of the sachet is a good dosage for 2 or 3 days or else I will feel that my heart beats a little faster than usual.
~ PI

i’ve been using this product for 3 weeks and as you all already is gooood..i love it n my partner love doing it more..
Soon i’ll be ordering again..
~ R

Excellent seller! As in seriously follow my order from start until I receive the package. One of a kind indeed. The product works as advertised and no noticeable side effects. Thanks bro, will definitely order more from you. 🙂
~ Z

When i first read about catuaba i was a bit skeptical because i have tried this but with a different brand name. I followed your advice by using only half the sachet during my first use…to tell you the truth the effect was less than perfect. i felt lethargic and less energy the whole day probably because i did not follow your recommendation of drinking enough water.

After my 3rd use i drank a lot of water before consuming the catuaba and surprisingly all the negative effect were gone. My erection was also harder and i compared this when i was using cialis…the effect from the catuaba is much better. I can last longer and my erection was harder which pleases my partner to no end.
~ H

Thank you very much for your quick response and very good customer service. I have never experienced before after sales service as good as you. Keep up the good job.
~ K

verry powerfull product. instantly can feel the difference and a good investment 😀
~ LK

I’ve experienced it and I admit it’s great..
~ ZH

I already tried 1/2 sachet and OMG! Haha thats all i can say.
~ FA

Tq for the advise… very good product n service… sure will repeat again…
~ AK

3 words for the seller:
Fast, Reliable, Trusworthy
~ EP

catuaba is amazing product… its great…my wife n my gf love me so much than b4 hahahaha…
~ TN

Catuaba memang power, mudah keras dan tahan lama sampai rasa macam nak krem, badan pun rasa tegap dan otot keras semacam, rasanya tidak ada ubat di pasaran setanding dengan catuaba.tq
~ NR

I only take half pack, taste like Soda powder, I really doubt this thing before i take it… as you said, it take around 1-2 hour make it effect to your body system, after 1 hour +, really not feeling any different, i think this time really ” Naik thief boat” lolz. After few hour i meet up my GF…. this make me really hard and holding firm, Wow this thing really power, dun play play, it’s last around 2 day, still got effect when you Stim. Highly recommend!!!~
~ CO

Thanks.tested it. Awesome! The best performance ever!
~ NE

good product, really satisfied.
~ HM

i have tried the product and i think its really an awesome product….even when i shower i already had a hard on….unbelievable…. XD
~ SG

so far this is d best product i ever had compare than others product….more power, stay longer and my wife very satisfied
~ RZ

Bro.. This product really good.. I use only half of sachet for the first time but amazingly it make my “little bro” become stronger.. It taste like glucose.. I thought it is bitter.. Haha.. Thanks a lot bro..
~ NK

excellent seller… fast and reliable…
~ KH

Item received in great condition…bump for this great seller…
~ K80

The product I will have to say does what it is intended to do. Quite okay actually.
~ FN

I had try this product and only one packet I already feel the different. I 54 now hardly keep my erection after cum but now after cum still hard erection.Only that the product is heaty need to drink lot of water.I will continue to use this product.
~ KW

recommended for future order ! …good service indeed ..!
~ MH

Bro, the product is amazing!!! 😀
~ SN

Hi Bro!
At first I just want to have a try with this product. As a new user, I took 1/2 of the sachet on the first night & drink a lot of water as recommended. That night I could not sleep well as my “little brother” keep on bothering me all the night till morning demanding me to be a great actor on the bed. I thought it will be enough to be a “hero” just once that midnight. But, I have to perform another round early morning to please my “little brother” who is still stimulating like anything. Surprisingly, my wife praised and thanked me for the fantastic performance. Wow! I can’t imagine that I had two round this time. Though I had sexual intercourse twice with my partner at that time but my “little brother” is still “negaraku” for the next day. Thanks Catuaba for what you have done with my “little brother”…
~ TeLi

hey bro, Catuaba is really a great element to be a better man in bed…both my girl and i are loving catuaba…i will eventually order more from u…and pls dun u ever go M.i.A… hahaha XD
~ YH

Of course to deal with u again. The product is amazing….excellent….. so thank you very much….

this catuaba very superb bro..can last for many days..after this i must try 1packet not half..hehehe
~ TG

Great product. Fast delivery. Fantastic seller. A++++++

Thanks for the detail explaination. I have tried half sachet and must admitted that the result is very impressive. In fact it lasted for almost 3 days.
Thanks for bringing in such great product. Will definitely recommend to other friends.

yeah it works great and its easy to consume….very reliable and trusted seller and look forward to do business with you again…

Had try just now and made my baby strong & more harder.

It works superbly perfect bro!

First class seller. Attentive, patient and one of a kind, resourceful too. Highly recommended to all! Good product too!!!
~ DW

Very nice seller..I only try 1/2 sachet and already feel last longer than wife also said that she feel different than before(i didn’t tell her i’m using catuaba)..haha..Thank you..
~ 2N

Already got the item…. wow superb its the first time can feel the different a lot.
~ YR

Fast shipping. Excellent service. Will buy again!
~ HY

Thanks sir….c u again…I’m sure to repeat order when my stock finish. I trust you sir as I trust catuaba…very excellence…tqvm.
~ KC

I got it today… took half sachet .. it blow my mind.. hahaha… just like Man of Steel… Thanks Buddy… good service and good product…
~ KJ

good and fast delivery, quality “after sales service”.
~ XA

Thanks for your good & prompt service.
~ K

thx a lot bro for d prompt delivery…have taken about 3-4 sachets…it works great…but like u said…real heaty man…i did disregard bout fried stuffs n coffee and d rest heaty food..i tell u…d d next few days my eyes were real watery man…but at least no other side effects like [removed]..awesome stuff…looking fwd to deal again..once i finishes my supply..thx again bro~~
~ RS9

The result is so promising. The effect of Half sachet normally will last for 5 to 6 days. It’s really amazing..thanks for the good product and services..
~ ES

i started used with 1/2 sachet..but i cant really felt the effect..only dat my little “brothers” keep stand up even after i cum..
2nd time, i used 1sachet..n drank a lot of water..and the effect is really “wow”..its doubled up stamina,eraction n last longer than usual..

thanks man..for sure will buy from u again..
~ 2Q

Received the package in good condition. Tested half sachet, the effect is good… Will further purchase once finished….
~ IW

alright…the result is awesome!!
~ MC

Tried it first time, and it worked as claimed. Will order more before my stock is out.
~ WI

tq very much for excellent product, at the age of 48 i only can do on weekly basis, i take my first 1/2 sachet at nite, i feel arouse but my wife already asleep, she wake up in the morning, and we do it twice, then on daily basis until my third consumption of 1/2 sachet and she said ” abg macam ironman” , no choice but to tell her the truth, i show her catuaba box, total consumption as today is 1 & 1/2 sachets & total make love 10 round, superb value, tqvm, & ur right it heaty, really need to drink plenty of water.

Word of advice: Sex should be only with your spouse, she’s the only one who deserves your love and affection. Cheating will only make matters worse, and eventually could lead to the complete destruction and dissolution of your marriage if your spouse ever finds out about it. The pain you will cause your spouse and children will be extreme, traumatic, and possibly fatal and final if the transgression has been deemed to be severe enough by your spouse. In short, if it doesn’t work, fix it! 🙂

My feedback as promised. I already have experience with Catuaba before I got it from you. So, I’m happy to announce that the Catuaba sold by Catuaba Malaysia is the real deal, original and it works fine of course, same taste too with the one I previously bought.

As mentioned by other buyers, Catuaba Malaysia is the only one I’ve dealt with who updated me daily until I received the package. Really good customer experience and probably the best seller I’ve dealt with.

Keep up the good work mate and rest assured I’ll be ordering more soon. TQ!

I have been using one sachet already and it work great as I got a little bit anxiety problem but after one sachet the anxiety was gone almost 100%. My pen!s was always like to wake up every time when it comes to erotic dream lol. The reason why I am asking the company and manufacturer is because I would use this product as long as I can and it is crucial to me to know details about the products that I take into my body system. The side effects little bit headache but mild does not bother me at all as drink a lot of water. I feel tired on the second day, back pain and waist. But it just gone after few hours then. Hence,I look forward to use this product for pong term then. Thanks for your great cooperation as a seller and keep a good work.

Started with 3/4 sachet (unintentionally) on last Friday. 2 rounds on Friday itself, 1 round on Saturday and 1 more round on Sunday. Usually lasted no longer than 15 minutes per session but upon first dosage, managed to last 1 whole hour before unloading. and yet, little one was still standing up strongly with no signs of sleeping nor slowing down. So needed to enter round 2 for more combating. During erection, It is now fuller and perhaps longer. Wanted to have 1 more round on Monday but partner wanted to have rest day because it is public holiday marr… : D
~ UH

I used it yesterday aftern. Took half a sachet. Felt a bit dizzy for 15 minutes. Did the job about two hours later. Great impact and feeling. Felt the sturdiness. Later at night, after 9 hours, it still had an effect as I felt the extended time before ejaculation.
~ RS

Tqvm for the Catuaba and your excellent customer service!
Already started with 1/2 sachet last night and I must say it was really2 good! Me and partner really2 surprised :). Will definitely recommend this to my other friends.

Once again….Tq! Cheers!
~ DZ

The level of professionalism and handling of transactions is astounding. Instructions on how to take catuaba very useful for first time users.
~ GG

I really satisfied with catuaba.
After 2hours I cant feel anything, just hot.
But when I start the game, ah la la its damn nice.
~ VE

Thanks bro..tried already..superb..morning ‘negaraku’ also f**king hard..& that’s only 1/2 sachet..hahaha

Just to let you know, I did a test run on the stuff this morning, half a sachet ad you suggested and plenty of water.

Well, I can truly attest that the stuff works perfect for me in the sense that it can prolong the erection and I can have better control of when to climax. Not that I have problems before, but this stuff just makes it constantly harder plus the recovery is excellent. It could just be the placebo effect on this initial run but I seriously doubt it is. Will let you know when I’m into my third sachet.
~ AM

Yaya. I think this product really great!~!!!!!… lol… thanks bro.
~ YY

Item received with good condition.
Thanks . Wth this superb service n update,look 4ward to deal with u again next time.
Keep it up bro!
~ LK

Bro, ur product is great!

i ordered 2x from him…1st package i missed place, so ordered again…he kept the adrress so very easy to delivery

i take one packet in the evening the drink a lot of water..this thing really heaty until ur ear panas..the next morning, “lagu negaraku” awal skali 3am till 10am..till i tested it,really last longer till i penat berkayuh..after tht still keras…and occasionally up2…later take one sachet again(3rd day)
~ chilskater

all items received already! thumbs up for the fast and smooth service!
~ BU

Tested your product and it works great!

Excellent item, very fast response,well packaged and very friendly seller
I am very happy and satisfied with Catuaba and i am enjoying orgasms and better climax now,3 day still keras ,this thing so power meh
Highly recommended. Thanks!!

very effective product and very responsive seller too.

started taking full dose wednesday nite
impact is awesome.. still easy erection till now and come game time lasts more than one hour 🙂
no girth or length gained though
tq for the product bro
~ ZZ

Seriously bro, the stuff really works. Felt like newly wed. I don’t know about others but I feel that one sachet gave me a one week ‘effect’. First day of consumption, which was on a weekend, I think we had no less than 5 rounds..hahaha..a relaxed n calm mind for me is a factor as well.

The product is absolutely awesome. This is my 2nd day after taking half packet and masih BERKUASA. ahahaha
And you are totaly a good seller bro. Keep it up!

It was awesome and it as good, as a matter of fact excellent. I have been drinking “skyfruit” for a long time and then you came along and I have order 3 sachets for testing and as per advice, I took half a packet and the effect was top stuff and the side effect was not nothing compare me drinking the “skyfruit” tonic which is way more worst. Now you do have a long term committed customer. Thank you.
~ TH

I tried half sachet that night and the remaining half on Saturday night. It had the desired effect and I’m pleased with it.

Thanks bro. Fast and efficient i must say. Will come back in the future for more. Thumbs up for your service!

Great service good product
~ bottle

After tried out 7 sachets of it, I would say it’s awesome and I love it so much bro!!!
You can’t get enough with it and the results are promising always.
I could feel my erection even more rock hard while stimulated, fuller and hang lower while soft!!!
It is the best natural aphrodisiac I have ever tried! For sure I want to take it continuously

P/S: it’s true that it’s very heaty when I tried it out for the first time with one sachet. I felt the heat all over the body and my tongue was so dry and thirst for water. After been taken for 4 to 5 sachets, it’s gone and no more heatiness.

Dude already use it..awesome..non stop “marathon”..
~ AZ

Tq bro,very happy with the product,n ur service has been good,will reorder more,take care
~ SS

Item received. Thanks!
Great seller and top notch service.

Felt that 1 pack has not much effect but once I took 2 pack, I turned into a beast, I could last so much longer. The last time I tried, I last for 2 hours or probably can even go for more hours. The effect made me so much fuller and harder. My gf enjoyed so much that she say I kept hitting the right spots the whole time.

Will definitely get from you more once I finish this. Thank you so much bro.
~ YW

Your product works great Bro. Very good results.
The effect last at least 3 days. Enjoying the results. 🙂
Finally found the product that actually works.
~ J

This works. I can feel a difference. Though Just like you said heaty. On my fourth pack, hope the heatiness will lessen. 🙂
~ FD

Received and tried 1/3 of the sachet, worked wonderfully !
Good customer service!
~ GW

Very impressing product, i took full sachet since half seem didn’t work for me. After the consumption i felt for calmer. And it last for 3 days too! Very recommended! Great seller too!
~ Farhin

Bought 1 Box (9 sachets)
Taking second half of the first sachet catuaba today. It’s amazingly increase the sensitivity of the penis and made it fully hard like steel rod.
Even when driving i can feel its super hard in there and not comfortable with the pants on. So far there is no drastic fast heart beat (it occur if i drink more than 2 tin of alicafe).
I drink water as much as usual (around 2-3 Litre per day). It’s a powerful product as promised.

Dude this thing is damn good!

I was questioning it at first because i did not feel heaty or any difference at all with my body (maybe because im used to having a heaty body since i workout alot).

But damn I have no idea is it me or it really is the effect but I have a feeling it works even for only half a sachet! For 3 days!

Thanks man i’ll sure get more when i need to!
~ UZ

this is my second purchase from Catuaba Malaysia and both times the experience has been extremely pleasant. The person behind the blog is extremely attentive and responsive to all your queries, not to mention very quick with his actions as well. As for the product itself, all I can say is I have had a great weekend glued in bed with my significant other and we are both extremely satisfied. Worth a try for those of you who still doubt the effectiveness of this product. Cheers.
~ Alan


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